Alloy Wheel Repairs in Cork 26 Jul – 25 Jul

In recent years, alloy wheels have become the must-have fashion accessory for any modern car. Alloy wheels add extra definition to a vehicle, their superb performance and eye-catching structure distinguishing them from standard wheels.

What happens, though, if you damage the alloys on your car? Alloy wheels can become damaged easily and might be prohibitively expensive to replace. Indeed, some alloys are so specialised, that replacement literally isn’t an option. That’s why refurbishment is the best action for damaged alloys. Whether you are looking to add value to your vehicle, change its appearance or you simply need to repair accidental damage, alloy wheel refurbishment is the cost-effective way to improve the look and safety of your vehicle.

We offer an expert alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service that’s renowned throughout Cork and beyond. It’s a testament to the demanding standards to which we operate at Autoright that, in a county as populous as Cork, we are among the top names in wheel refurbishment.